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A Man larger than life itself passed away today.Raised in the fires of world war 2, my father built his dad's farm with his brother, Then raised a business out of nothing with his first wife, which has grown to around 300 employees.He traveled all over the world.Was always open to talk to anyone,The women loved him.Every morning even after retirenment he'd go to the cafeteria in the factory and talk to the people working.I could tell a thousand unbelievable stories about him. Which i couldn't believe at first.But slowly over time were almost all confirmed. He was not a good father at all. Never there, never caring.Making sure my brother and me were never part of his family.And other stuff.Our relationship was very difficult.I made many mistakes too.But I am greatful i could spend time with him in his last days and be close when he needed it. And tell him i loved him.I love you, dad.Your bastard son, TimoPS:This oil painting reflects our relationship well. Me wanting to show some love by making this portrait,but it being unfinished because of him threatening punishment (my mums living situation) if i dont finish it.And me stopping painting as a result